Sunshine Dance Center’s Privacy Commitments


At Sunshine Dance Center, LLC earning your trust as a student, parent, guardian, staff and all third parties starts with a commitment to everyone’s privacy and security. Our Sunshine Staff view is simple: we use student data entrusted to us to benefit all who enroll, have parties, private lessons, any reason , anyone, in any way, Sunshine-related, it is our primary goal to help you, our Sunshine Family,  thrive with extreme sensitivity to everyone’s need for privacy.

We know you expect convenience, security and privacy. To meet your expectations, we, at Sunshine Dance Center, LLC,

make the following privacy commitments to all of you:


  • Sunshine Dance Center does not sell your personal information. Our privacy defines how we share information, such as when we receive registration enrollment forms, website submission forms and process payments with your consent. All of what we do here at Sunshine Dance Center, LLC is on behalf all of our dance students and their families and friends and we de-identify everywhere humanly possible to protect everyone’s privacy and personal information.

  • We only use personal information for Sunshine-defined, Sunshine-appropriate purposes. In addition to operating the leading dance educator this state has ever seen in over 50 years, we provide dance education, mentorship, guidance, support, loyalty, membership, birthday and special occasion parties, private sessions and more. We also tape recitals and classes that is an opportunity to provide our dance students and their families hard copy and digital memories. These images capturing their moments are meant to bring joy for years to come, with loved ones shining in the spotlight showing their hard work all year and reaching goals.

  • We adhere to the highest legal standards in-house at Sunshine or offsite, virtually everywhere we operate. Whether in-house or offsite as a recital or theatre production, we as in all staff know and are trained in our utmost are subject to upholding for all, virtually, every privacy and security law, and we train staff ongoing to ensure Sunshine Dance Center, LLC understands that we, as one unit, must comply with all of them.

  • Sunshine’s commitments are backed by ongoing rigorous assessments. Our Sunshine privacy commitment is built on an ongoing review of our policies and procedures and how we control Sunshine’s framework to support internal and independent best practices, ongoing tasks at hand, resolutions and ongoing assessment and internally testing and re-testing our methods as we, as one unit of professionals and inside and outside contributors and administrators are committed to and strive to protect all Sunshine Families’ and New Inquiring Families’ and all 3rd-Party’s personal information and privacy.